Services are held at our church at 2535 Consaul Road in Schenectady, just a few yards away from Route 7, nestled in a cozy, family-friendly neighborhood. We have ample off-street parking in our lot next to the church. Our parking lot, sanctuary and restrooms are handicapped accessible. Dress is whatever you feel comfortable with – some of us wear suits, some are casual, some look like we’re at the office. 

If you arrive a few minutes before the service, you will usually meet our church members sitting in our cafe area, sharing stories and testimonies over coffee and snacks. Informal, one-to-one fellowship is an important part of our weekly worship service.

Sunday services begin at 10:00AM. We move from the dining area to our adjacent sanctuary, a homey, bright, and welcoming space lined with rows of comfortable chairs. At various times of the year, you may find our seating converted to tables for greater interaction.

Our services are characterized by prayer, scripture readings, Praise and Worship, and a sermon from Pastor Liz. 

We provide the words for worship songs via two screens, one on either side of the sanctuary. Some people sing, some people don’t. It’s up to you and we don’t judge.

Songs are interspersed with scripture readings by members of the congregation. The final reading comes during Pastor Liz’s sermon and provides the topic of the sermon. The sermon comprises the most substantial part of the service and is the unifying element tying all of the worship components together.

At the conclusion of the sermon, a prayer of benediction (or blessing) ends the service and discharges the congregation into the world to serve the Lord and humankind.

The end of church provides further opportunity for fellowship. We top off our coffee, catch up with anyone we missed on the way in, and greet our visitors or newcomers. Please don’t feel the need to rush off. We will be here for a while. If you are worshipping with us for the first time we would love to give you a mug and have you fill out an info card so that we can stay in touch!

And, being that we really enjoy fellowship together, sometimes we eat! We have several after-church events throughout the year and are blessed with many fine cooks in our congregation. Please feel free to stay and visit with us some more!

Please see “What is the Church of the Nazarene?,” our Calendar, and our Ministries and Faith Partners pages to learn more about the Church of the Nazarene, in Schenectady and around the world. Feel free to call or email us with any specific questions or concerns.